NTT Hong Kong Tai Po Data Center

Spanning 20 countries, our global data centers have more than 160 sites, all connected within our network.

NTT Hong Kong Tai Po Data Center (TPDC) is a dedicated, purpose-built Tier III+ data center wholly owned by NTT. It is designed for high availability, business continuity and cloud transformation, with a full suite of hybrid connectivity and infrastructure managed services to support your business needs.

TPDC is suitable for a wide range of sectors, like manufacturing, retail, professional services, pharmaceutical, utility. Organizations looking for high value yet cost-effective colocation, secondary/backup data center site, or are building their hybrid IT infrastructure with cloud and on-premise data center will find TPDC ideal. It is also perfect for IT, content providers and gaming companies in mainland China due to its proximity to Lo Wu and our wide coverage of network connectivity in Asia.

Why are we different?

Full life cycle data center management ensuring optimal quality of services

With over 100 local professionals providing end-to-end data center management and quality control, we support your full lifecycle data center management - from planning your data center projects, to building, operating, monitoring and actioning ongoing improvements.

We also provide a full suite of data center managed services to support daily operations and monitoring of your ICT infrastructure, leaving you to focus on your digital transformation.


Leader in global networks, providing hybrid network connectivity


As a leading global network service provider, we have a unique advantage in providing hybrid network services. Our network capabilities cover global IP connectivity, local dedicated internet access, a global private network spanning 160 countries and managed SD-WAN services.

Our cable systems, including PC-1, ASE, APG, HSCS and TEA2, connect Hong Kong to key financial hubs in Asia, US and Europe.

Both our data centers in Hong Kong are connected to multiple cloud providers via Megaport, and interconnected with high speed dark fiber, supporting your needs in hybrid cloud infrastructure and inter-data center connectivity.


Optimal option for enterprises and IT service providers in mainland China

With only 25 mins to Lo Wu, integrated connectivity to major cities in Asia and optimized cost efficiency, TPDC is an ideal option for enterprises and IT service providers in mainland China for their data hub needs.


High scalability for future expansion

Total floor area 20,000m² with over 3,000 racks, highly scalable for future expansion.


Reduced total cost of ownership and optimized ROI

Our solution offers a value for money option that will help you optimize costs, drive efficiency and reduce your TCO, increasing your ROI.

NTT is ranked by IDC as top leader in data center operations and management

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