Power Innovations with Direct Liquid Cooling and High-Performance Computing

Direct Liquid Cooling

As the rapid adoption and development of AI emerges, digital technologies continue to advance and boost the demand for processing large, complex workloads at an increasingly faster rate than ever. These workloads require high-performance computing (HPC) and extremely efficient data center processing.

The traditional air-cooling systems in data centers may not be able to cater to HPC needs. This is where Direct Liquid Cooling comes into play.

Direct Liquid cooling (DLC) uses a liquid, such as water, or a refrigerant, rather than air, to cool the data center. By allowing the cooling solution to be brought closer to the heat source, it operates in a more effective manner in terms of power consumption. Processors can operate significantly faster using this method compared to other traditional and conventional means.

By adopting Direct Liquid Cooling alongside with air-cooling strategies, data centers can improve their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and reduce energy consumption, thus supporting the growing demand for HPC.

How Direct Liquid Cooling can maximise space utilisation and efficiency of the data centre

A tour of the HPC Zone in NTT data center can be scheduled for an on-site demonstration.



Dell thermal management with direct liquid cooling is 5 times more effective than traditional air cool compute resources. 


Enhanced PUE

With NTT Direct liquid cooling data center infrastructures, the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) can be up to 10% more effective.


Cost Saved

As the data center racks now have the cooling capacity to host more high-performance computers, each rack can host more server equipment than before. Therefore, saving real estate cost.


kW Per Rack

Each data center rack can now support more than 50kW per rack which is 2 times more than the maximum setup for most data center rack. 

HPC Your Way: Choose the Plan That Powers Your Growth

NTT's High-Performance Computing solutions offer the flexibility to match your deployment needs and budget. Select the plan that fuels your innovation, all with the power of Direct Liquid Cooling and expert support.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Minimise upfront costs and maximise agility. For a monthly fee, let NTT handle your entire HPC platform 24/7.

Colocation with HPC Servers Purchase Plan

Combine the hands-on control of ownership by subscribing to NTT's Financial Data Center (FDC) Rack with Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) technology.

Colocation Plan

Optimise your existing HPC investment. NTT provides the ideal environment (FDC racks with DLC technology) and optional 24/7 support for a subscription—you purchase High-Performance Servers directly with our referral.

NTT x Dell Technologies



The HPC-as-a-Service from NTT and Dell takes the complexity out of high-performance computing. Direct liquid cooling, powerful hardware, and expert management – all ready to supercharge your AI.
AI breakthroughs just got easier.

Direct Liquid Cooling enabled data center


High-Performance Computing & NTT Services

A HPC Solution That Scales With Your Ambition

Stop waiting on infrastructure. The HPC-as-a-Service solution delivers lightning-fast performance of more than 50kW, robust computing power, and market-leading density. Experience seamless deployment of AI, finance, and research applications – all within NTT Financial Data Center and Taipo Data Center in Hong Kong.

Our HPC solution is not just about speed; it's about bottom-line impact. Our advanced solution slashes operating costs with improved energy efficiency and space optimisation. Reduced electricity bills and a smaller data centre footprint mean savings we pass directly to you. It’s time to innovate bigger, build faster, and spend smarter.

Target Customers: The HPC-as-a-Service is ideal for Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Finance, AI, Research, Warehouse, IT, and On-Demand needs.

Lightning-fast Performance

Outpace the competition with unmatched computing power.

Enhanced Efficiency

Direct Liquid Cooling maximises energy savings and data centre space.

Expert Support (Optional)

24/7 managed services for peace of mind.

Advanced High-Performance Computing by Dell

Focus on your HPC workloads, leave the rest to us

Dell APEX High Performance Computing (HPC) can be deployed in your data center or at a colocation as a dedicated, single tenant solution. Dell provides the infrastructure and manages it through deployment, operations, monitoring, optimization, support, and decommissioning.


Four Reasons Why Our Liquid Cooling Is So Cool

Unleash Performance

Forget throttling. Liquid's superior heat transfer coefficient removes heat from servers faster and more efficiently than air to keep your servers at peak performance when training and running AI models.

Greenify AI Footprint

Liquid cooling requires less energy than traditional air cooling, reducing your carbon footprint, allowing you to meet Scope 3 requirements, and aligning with a greener future.

Maximise Density

Pack more processing power into your data centre space with liquid cooling, maximising space utilisation and efficiency and maximising the most of your investment.

Designed for Flexibility

Unconstrained by airflow limitations, liquid cooling adds flexibility to data centre design and removes the need for raised floors. It optimises your rack space and allows you to get the full potential of the data centre layout.

Supercharge Your Industry with HPC-as-a-Service

Harness the power of high-performance computing without the infrastructure headaches. NTT's HPC-as-a-Service delivers instant scalability, cutting-edge technology, and expert support – tailored to your industry's needs. Key sectors that will benefit the most include:


Life Sciences

Accelerate drug discovery, analyse vast genomic datasets, and power precision medicine breakthroughs.



Optimise production lines, simulate complex designs, and drive innovation with real-time data analysis.



Analyse market trends at lightning speed, develop sophisticated algorithms, and safeguard sensitive data.


AI & Analytics

Train complex models faster, deploy AI solutions seamlessly, and unlock insights from massive datasets.



Tackle groundbreaking simulations, explore scientific frontiers, and accelerate your path to discovery.



Handle explosive data growth, optimise warehouse tiers, and ensure maximum uptime.


IT & Software

Rapidly develop and test applications, boost software performance, and deliver seamless experiences.



Scale compute instantly to meet peak workloads, launch projects quickly, and control costs.

Our ESG Commitment


As part of NTT family, we are committed to our Group's sustainability mission to creating greater harmony and maximizing societal wellbeing using technological innovation while working to solve social challenges that support a more prosperous and harmonious society.


We embed sustainability and ethical practices into all that we do. From how we make our innovative products to what our customers, partners and communities can do with them, our technology is helping to create a better, more sustainable future. We are taking action today, to deliver a better world tomorrow.

NTT data centers in Hong Kong

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