NTT and Fujitsu Hong Kong announce partnership to drive Mobile Digital Workplaces

Plans to accelerate successful digital workplace transformations seamlessly and securely

Hong Kong – 21 July 2021 – NTT Ltd., a world-leading global technology services provider, and Fujitsu Hong Kong today announced a partnership to address the emerging demands for Mobile Digital Workplaces in Hong Kong. With Hong Kong being the first city where the partnership will be launched, NTT will offer a ready-to-go global mobile data service for the end-users of Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Business Notebooks[1] in Hong Kong, enabling seamless and secure connections for easier transfers of company data and better collaboration with colleagues and customers anytime, anywhere.

Supported by NTT Ltd.’s Global Networks division, the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Business Notebook, running Windows 10, will be equipped with a Ubigi[2] pre-loaded 1GB SIM card. All end-users will be able to enjoy a global cellular data service in any of the 180+ destinations covered by NTT. The solution will automatically select the strongest signal and switch to the best carrier network, offering true mobility to end-users with low-latency and maximum bandwidth internet connectivity. End-users will also have full visibility on their account, with the ability to keep track of data balance, spending and top-up via the Microsoft Windows Store interface that offers a selection of domestic data plans with data bundles ranging from 500MB to 10GB or regional bundles, including Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, Caribbean, and Africa.

Taichi Hiramatsu, CEO, North Asia and Hong Kong, NTT Ltd. said: “We are excited to partner with Fujitsu Hong Kong to empower enterprises to create more successful mobile digital workplace experiences in Hong Kong. This launch will enable organizations to ensure that their distributed workforce stays connected seamlessly and securely around the globe for effective and smooth operations. We look forward to working closely with Fujitsu Hong Kong to roll out further solutions for an even wider audience and help organizations transform their workspaces into highly collaborative, productive, and secure environments.”

Leo Ng, CEO, Fujitsu Hong Kong said: “As we continue to reimagine the workplace in the ‘new normal’ world, the impact of digital technologies on productivity is stronger than ever, especially as economies begin to rapidly pick up. It is crucial for today’s enterprises to capture the opportunities by having the right digital tools ready. Fujitsu Hong Kong is advocating for a ‘Work Life Shift’ and is delighted to join hands with NTT Hong Kong to help enterprises enhance mobility and flexibility, while unlocking added value with our enriched offerings underpinned by a pay-as-you-go model.”

Jacques Bonifay, CEO, Transatel, a subsidiary of NTT Ltd. under its’ Global Networks division, said: “The laptop and tablet manufacture business model is about to change, opening a world of opportunity. As cellular networks are gradually replacing Wi-Fi as the end-users’ preferred choice for connectivity, extra revenue can be generated for manufacturers through data usage and revenue share. Fujitsu Hong Kong rightly measures the potential positive impact on margins in a mature manufacturing market. It also recognizes the importance of giving its customers the greatest possible choice for connectivity options. We are grateful for the privilege of launching our Ubigi cellular data plans in Windows 10 with Fujitsu.”

Stephanie Leo, CEO of Fujitsu Business Technologies Asia Pacific said: “With more people than ever moving to flexible, remote working, it makes sense to take a fresh look at working styles that adapts to new digital challenges. Reimagining devices and workplaces is a key element of successful workplace transformation and we’re delighted to join forces with NTT Hong Kong to accelerate mobile work with ready-to-go secured LTE connectivity, that enables users be more productive and creative anywhere in an office or other on-site locations in a transformed world.”

[1] Selected Fujitsu LIFEBOOK models.

[2] Part of NTT Ltd.’s Global Networks division, Ubigi is Transatel’s consumer-facing brand, offering worldwide cellular data plans to remote-working professionals, international travelers, digital nomads but also connected car owners.